Thomas Hardy was familiar with some of the Antills of his day and even used some of them as models for characters in his books. He mentions the family in Tess of the D'Urbervilles, (he spells it Anktells). Some history I read on him said his mother's sister married a John Antill from Puddleton. Several researches believe our name is a shortened variation of Anketill (a Viking first name). There was a Roger son of Anschitill in the Domesday book. Some of the family lived in Leischester and some came and settled in Dorset. In his book, A Short History, with Notes and References of the Ancient and Honourable Family of Ancketill or Anketell, by Rev. Henry Kerr Anketill, Rev. Anketill states that as late as the late 1800's a Job Antil had a farm in the Blackmore Vale area of Dorset. Also that Anketells had a manor called Anketell's Place in or near Shaftesbury, not far from the Blackmore Vale. Does anyone know anything about the name Anketill and/or any connection of it with the Antill name in England? Thank you