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    Default john antill b:1717 Maryland


    Somewhat familiar with John Antil b: 1717 in Maryland and his son John b:1763 born in Harford Cty Maryland who lived in Greene Cty, Pennsylvania. Need DETAILS of this lineage. Was it John b:1717 or John b: 1763 WHO OWNED MILL and transported goods to New Orleans via Ohio & Mississippi rivers.?

    Also, my family history starts with a William M. Antle b: 1800 ?? who married Sidney Ann Wagner b: 1811 and had a large family (8-9 children). They show in 1840 cencus as residing in Greene Cty, Pennsylvania.
    William M. died in Pennslvania and Sidney Ann relocated with several of her children to the McConnelsville, Ohio area in 1850.

    William M. and Sidney Ann's children have very strong similarity with John b:1763 childrens names by both of his wives, Sara Ann Quinlan and Isabelle Chenith. William M. had children with names John, Hanna, Sara, Asbury, George, lindsay and Edward. Very similar matches to several of John b: 1763 children. Hopefully, must have some connection with John b:1717 & John b: 1763 lineage.

    Need help in finding CONNECTION of William M. Antle and the Pennsylvania John b: 1717 family..........Please.

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    Default John Antill b: 1717

    Dear Roger,

    Sorry that I did not see your post sooner. John Antill b. 1717 is the oldest ancestor I have proof of in my line. His son was John b. 1763. They moved to Greene Co., PA in about 1790. The flour mill was probably run by John Jr. as John Sr. died in 1800. William is very likely one of their descendents. To be sure I would have to check my gedcom and get back to you.

    Sharon Moses

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